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Adding a new puppy to your family does take some adjustment and effective training will require time and consistency. But having a new puppy should be fun and exciting rather than overly frustrating. Being clear on what you ultimately want from your adult dog, and establishing boundaries and good routines from the start are key to a healthy relationship with your canine companion. 

By setting your puppy up for success from the get-go you can avoid getting into a situation where you think your dog is "stubborn", "being dominant" or in "conflict" with you. Dogs do what works for them and all too often it's easy to allow your puppy to develop habits that you're not going to want him to have as an adult dog. I will help you to start as you mean to go on!    
Because I want you to reach your training goals, my packages have been designed to take into account the amount of time you are likely going to need to establish desired behaviors. 

Dog training does not happen overnight. Once a behavior has been taught it must be practiced regularly and consistently.  

Effective dog training is no different than any other learning process - you will get out what you put in. But here's the thing, it is much less time consuming to teach a puppy how you will expect it to behave as an adult than constantly nagging and correcting your dog for undesired behaviors or trying to change an unwanted behavior pattern after months/years of practice.    

Whether you just want some pointers in the early days of pup coming home, or if you're looking to train your own service dog, I can offer you training packages to match your individual needs.   Click here for package pricing information and check out the video to the left of some day training superstars.